Amy embodies such a beautiful quality of heart and presence, effortlessly creating the conditions in which my body and mind can surrender and open to receive her deeply nourishing and healing touch.
— Eve Bartlett
I felt very welcomed in the session. I appreciated Amy’s clear presence and safe and simple space holding. In her work I felt a good balance of feminine and masculine qualities of touch, sensitive and clear. I felt nourished and renewed as a result.

— Agata

As a Shiatsu practitioner my aim is to provide a space which allows for the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. My love of embodied presence, my passion for the natural world and my fascination with the human psyche, have all informed my shiatsu practice If you come to me, my intention is to support you to feel safe enough to land into the wondrous body you have been born into. I am coming close to the end of my 3 year training at The Bristol School of Shiatsu. Whilst I am still training, I am offering sessions at a donation rate.

Shiatsu is a form of body work originating from Japan. its done fully clothed, and uses a mixture of techniques that include palming, stretches and the use of pressure points.   All of these are based on and follow the natural energy pathways of the body, known as meridians. Shiatsu is renowned for relieving  stress, and restoring the body's natural energy and vitality. It  is known for helping with all sorts of ailments including insomnia, anxiety, joint  and back pain.


1 hour £30-£50 Sliding Scale

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